June NFT market experiences 47% decline in sales, yet sees increase in both buyers and sellers.

The NFT market has experienced significant growth, with the number of buyers and sellers soaring. The number of NFT buyers skyrocketed to 1.259 million, a remarkable 1700.83% increase, with the number of sellers climbing to 744,965, up by 1059.64%. Total sales, including wash trades, amounted to $270.5 million.

The network attracted 55,449 buyers, reflecting a 95.41% increase, and achieved over $117 million in sales despite a nearly 48% drop, with minimal wash trading influence. Meanwhile, 59,482 buyers actively participated, a 3.35% increase from the previous month, and the platform saw more than 245,000 buyers actively trading NFTs. Solana’s total sales reached $71.9 million from 580,100 buyers, with more buyers than Ethereum, where 57,269 users acquired NFTs.

DMarket on Mythos followed with $18.9 million in sales from nearly 830,000 transactions, while the earnings were 21.8% lower than the previous month. CryptoPunks on Ethereum generated $16,405,442 in sales from 141 transactions, and the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) saw sales jump 6.54% to $13 million. NodeMonkes, another Bitcoin collection, had $12.7 million in sales from 929 transactions.

Polygon’s OKX NFT Creation experienced the highest growth, with sales volume increasing by 132,509.44% to hit $2.4 million. Conversely, Blast’s Fantasy Top registered an 83.33% drop in sales volume, followed closely by DeGods on Ethereum, where sales plummeted 82.9%. In the fan token market, the AS Roma (ASR) token led with $1.27 billion in sales on the Chiliz blockchain, followed by Galatasaray’s GAL token with $344 million in sales and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) with $225.8 million.

OG and FC Barcelona rounded out the top five, with sales of $132 million and $126.2 million, respectively. These developments may imply a maturing market where the frenzy of high-value transactions is cooling off, paving the way for broader, more democratic engagement. As the market adjusts, platforms and collections that adapt to this changing landscape by offering diverse, accessible options may emerge as the new leaders in the NFT space.

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