Arbitrum reveals a $215 million gaming incentive program

The company plans to distribute 225 million ARB tokens to game developers valued at approximately $215 million over the next three years through its Gaming Catalyst Program. This program aims to address various issues by providing a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to game developers, including access to Arbitrum’s scalable, secure, and interoperable platform, mentorship, and support. The program seeks to attract 200 to 300 developer applications, ensure over 20% of Web3 games use Arbitrum, launch 25 new Orbits, and achieve the highest net migrations among layer-2 networks.

It will offer substantial grants of up to 500,000 ARB for new and early-stage game developers, and larger investments for more established studios, potentially including tokens or equity. Funding will also be allocated for infrastructure, bounties, and operational expenses to nurture the gaming ecosystem on Arbitrum. Additionally, the program will introduce grant tracks to enhance transparency and fairness in the allocation process, categorizing projects based on their stage, growth potential, and type.

In the gaming space, Telegram’s TON and Solana have emerged as key players. TapSwap, a game where players earn TAP coins by tapping on digital icons, and StepN, a move-to-earn game that rewards players with tokens for exercising using NFT sneakers, have gained popularity on Telegram’s TON. Solana has seen a surge in gaming projects, including Star Atlas, a metaverse project with a strong focus on community engagement.

Arbitrum has also funded a crypto-related film and partnered with Transient Labs to enhance the digital art experience on its platform, demonstrating its commitment to supporting various aspects of the crypto and gaming industries.

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