Ahmad Shadid steps down as CEO of io.net.

Tory Green, the current chief operating officer, has been announced as the next CEO of the company. The announcement was made in a statement posted on X on June 9 by the current CEO, Shadid. In the statement, Shadid expressed his gratitude for the company’s rapid growth and thanked the community and the team for their support. He stated that his decision to step down was in the best interest of the community and the project’s future success.

In his response, Green expressed his honor in taking over the CEO role and acknowledged the foundation laid by Shadid. He outlined his vision for continuing io.net’s mission and shared that the company currently supports approximately 20,000 cluster-ready GPUs, providing AI services to various companies, including WonderAI, Krea, and Leonardo. The launch is expected to accelerate io.net’s growth, with a focus on acquiring new suppliers and customers. Green reiterated io.net’s mission to build the world’s largest decentralized AI compute network, emphasizing the company’s commitment to an open and accessible platform.

Additionally, he highlighted a successful series A funding round, raising $30 million, and discussed strategies to overcome recent challenges, including a network attack involving spoofed GPUs. Despite these challenges, Shadid assured the community that io.net’s infrastructure is now secure and operational.

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