Biden’s Former Advisor Predicts Imminent Regulation of Cryptocurrency in the US

Moe Vela, a former Whitehouse insider, expressed his expectation that the government would soon intervene in cryptocurrency transactions. This comes in response to calls for federal agencies to strengthen their ability to detect and prosecute cryptocurrency transactions associated with CSAM, as highlighted in recent studies by Chainalysis and FinCEN.

Privacy-focused cryptocurrencies and mixing services have been identified as tools for laundering funds derived from CSAM, adding urgency to the need for intervention. Vela, now a Senior Advisor to Unicoin and Former Senior Advisor to President Biden, emphasized the bipartisan nature of the approach, noting its potential to increase the viability of solutions proposed by two Senators.

He predicts the implementation of preventative and empowering crypto regulations within the next year, cautioning against over-regulation. He advocates for a regulatory environment that promotes transparency and asset-backed cryptocurrencies.

Vela also points out the risks associated with early cryptocurrencies, warning that buying Bitcoin may unwittingly support nefarious forces and dangerous entities. He stresses the importance of regulations being less stringent for asset-backed, transparent, and compliant crypto.

He advises learning from past lessons to inform the future regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, Vela highlights the importance of global adherence to crypto regulatory standards, given the borderless nature of the digital age and blockchain.

He encourages proactive measures within the crypto and blockchain ecosystem to mitigate the risk of nefarious activities, such as CSAM. Furthermore, Vela emphasizes the sector’s collective responsibility to participate in the development and discussion of regulations, urging proactive involvement rather than passive complaint.

He calls for unity and proactive engagement to ensure a responsible and effective regulatory framework for the sector.

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