Solana’s Drift exchange confirms 100 million token airdrop.

The governance token will allow holders to vote on future protocol decisions coordinated by the Drift Foundation and proposed by community contributors. Proponents are considering additional airdrop details following an announcement from the Solana perpetual futures platform, hinting at a reveal on April 17. However, the team has not released a specific distribution date but mentioned that the eligibility criteria will be disclosed soon. The protocol is among several projects providing free tokens to early supporters during what is being dubbed as an ‘airdrop season’.

Realms DAO will be responsible for protocol development, security council elections, proposing key changes, and ensuring the platform’s safety for users’ assets. According to DefiLlama, the exchange has accumulated over $20 billion in volume and $248 million in total value locked. The group will also manage protocol upgrades. A Futarchy DAO will allocate developer grants and distribution funds to ecosystem projects as the Solana DEX aims to foster innovation throughout its community.

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