Taliban Imprisons 8 Traders for Possessing and Using Cryptocurrency

One of the crypto traders, who chose to remain anonymous, revealed to crypto.news that he and seven others were arrested by the Taliban in May for using crypto. They were detained for 28 days in Herat’s central prison.

Another crypto dealer explained that he received a small commission of 1% to 2% for selling USDT to traders but struggled to support his family due to the high prices of goods and the looming economic collapse. He expressed uncertainty about his future, as selling USDT could risk his life but seemed to be the only option.

Both traders asserted that the Taliban did not confiscate their crypto assets. However, sources familiar with the situation informed crypto.news that a group of cryptocurrency dealers had been recently arrested, and the government had seized all their digital holdings.

These sources suggested that some of the crypto traders could face up to six months in jail. With cryptocurrencies now banned, it has become increasingly difficult for traders to receive and withdraw money, sometimes taking weeks.

The trader lamented the lack of access to standard banks in the country with a rich history spanning thousands of years. He sees the ban on cryptocurrencies as limiting the only available financial avenue for the people.

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