CleanSpark’s Ample Hashrate Mined 445 Bitcoins in June.

The mining startup has exceeded its 20 EH/s operational hashrate target set for mid-year. This achievement demonstrates the company’s strength following the Bitcoin halving event in April.

Despite mining 46 fewer BTC than last June, CleanSpark’s performance remains robust considering the changes in Bitcoin’s code. CleanSpark’s CEO, Bradford, emphasized the company’s focused efforts on increasing mining hashrate and generating more revenue post-halving.

In contrast, other miners are encountering challenges and are considering business sales to maximize shareholder value. CleanSpark’s post-halving performance is attracting attention in the mining industry as the startup has improved its hashrate and mined more BTC in recent months.

Notably, CleanSpark’s stock (CLSK) has risen 58% year-to-date and was priced at $17.19 on the Nasdaq at the time of writing.

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