Aptos Foundation suggests launching Aave V3 on Aptos mainnet.

If Aave V3 is adopted on the L1 blockchain, it will increase Aave’s reach and allow it to tap into the growing DeFi ecosystem. Additionally, the Aptos Foundation plans to integrate ChainLink’s Price Feeds and Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) to enhance the functionality and security of Aave V3 on Aptos. This deployment also offers a first-mover advantage, similar to Aave’s expansion to the Polygon blockchain platform. Moreover, Aptos supports high transaction throughput, with up to 30,000 transactions per second (TPS), enhanced security, transaction cost efficiency, and a modular and flexible architecture as key benefits of this integration.

The Aptos team brings valuable experience and expertise gained from working on projects such as Meta’s Diem. Furthermore, Aptos will support the program with an incentive program of up to 2 million APT in liquidity mining and rewards.

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