SEC sues Consensys; MiCA becomes operational; Solana ETF in latest Weekly Recap

Coinbase is seeking clarity on several issues, including the SEC’s position on whether Ethereum is a security. The stablecoin aspect of the regulation will take effect from the beginning of July.

This marked the seventh day of net outflows for these products. However, a positive shift was observed on June 25, when the Bitcoin ETFs witnessed their first net inflow in a week, totaling $31 million.

The ETF products retained this positive trend for three more days despite the market uncertainty last week. However, their weekly flow remained negative.

Following reports of the filing, Solana spiked 8%, bucking the bearish trend in the market. The agency warned that the products could trigger a shift in capital from assets that are capable of generating cash flow.

However, Vela noted he believes at least one candidate could discuss crypto during the event. Interestingly, BTC increased to $62,000 following the event.

These deepfake scams have led to over $79.1 billion in losses since 2022. This represented a 70.3% rise from the losses recorded in the first quarter of the year.

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