MicroStrategy, BTC, ETH, and Stablecoin Spotlight Highlighted in Weekly Recap

The downward pressure continued throughout the week, resulting in the asset’s value dropping below $65,000. Despite this, the market cap of the asset rose to $968 million, approaching the $1 billion mark.

On June 20, the company acquired nearly 12,000 more BTC for $786 million at an average price of $65,883 per BTC. There were significant outflows of $145.9 million on June 17 and $152.4 million on June 18 for these products.

Following a visit, legislators advocated for Gambaryan’s release. However, Consensys confirmed that it is still engaged in a legal battle with the agency regarding whether the user interface offerings for features like Swapping and Staking on MetaMask constitute securities.

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