Polyhedra Network launches staking after resolving ZK trademark drama.

Polyhedra Network, the developer behind zkBridge, has recently launched a temporary staking program. Participants in this program have the opportunity to receive tokens valued at $1.13 million in USDT. The staking program, which runs until Jul.

11, requires participants to stake their tokens for a minimum of one week. Those aiming to earn a minimum reward of $100 need to stake 1,000 ZKJ tokens, currently valued at approximately $1,110 in the market. The decision to initiate this program sparked controversy, particularly three days after senior ZK researchers criticized the move.

They argued that ZK innovations should be accessible to all as a public good, highlighting concerns about exclusivity. Matter Labs further compounded the issue by filing for trademarks on “ZK,” despite the ticker already being used by Polyhedra Network for its token. This action aimed to establish exclusive intellectual property rights, raising questions about the accessibility of ZK innovations.

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