Should you worry about hackers threatening to publish sensitive data?


Should you be concerned about hackers threatening to release sensitive data? This year, hackers have reverted back to their old habits and are once again targeting large organizations with significant digital assets. In May alone, there were consecutive major hacks with considerations for digital assets.

RansomHub is trying to extort Christie’s by threatening to auction off “sensitive personal information” of at least 500,000 high net-worth clients to the highest bidder on the dark web. Ticketmaster/Live Nation, which controls 70% of ticket sales, is facing a Department of Justice anti-trust lawsuit that could potentially result in the breakup of the entertainment giant to create more competition and allow smaller players to gain a larger share of the ticket-selling market. Ticketmaster also sells concert tickets in exchange for digital assets and offers NFT ticketing on the Flow blockchain.

These hacks could pose problems for digital asset owners, potentially leading to further cybercrime in the future and putting sensitive taxpayer personal information in the hands of tax commissioners. [11]

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