Scaling Bitcoin with Starknet, according to StarkWare, without forking or creating new tokens

The blockchain developer, 7, valued at $8 billion, has expressed its dedication to improving the efficiency of Ethereum scaling in 2024. The company emphasized its commitment to scaling Ethereum in the most efficient way possible and its goal to develop STARK proofs to enhance the scalability and integrity of blockchains. StarkWare, the organization behind these efforts, aims to serve both the Ethereum and Bitcoin communities without introducing a new layer or exclusive token for Bitcoin. Instead, Starknet, the technology being developed, will act as an execution layer that scales both Bitcoin and Ethereum simultaneously, without forking or creating a new layer for Bitcoin.

The security, governance, and ecosystem of Starknet will be driven by the STRK token. StarkWare’s initiative to bring ZK scaling to Bitcoin is part of a broader strategy to address the scalability challenges encountered by major blockchains.

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