GameStop Q1 earnings do not impact Roaring Kitty-themed memecoins.

The three tokens GME, KITTY, and ROAR have seen significant increases in value. This growth is linked to associations with GameStop trader Keith Gill without an official affiliation.

GME and KITTY have experienced significant increases of 445% and 817% over the past week. KITTY is associated with Gill’s Roaring Kitty online alias, and both GME and KITTY are Solana-based tokens, while ROAR is based on Ethereum.

This surge in token value is occurring as GameStop stock struggled to maintain relevance during a short squeeze when its stock price was far below its all-time highs. Gill had previously vanished from the public eye but recently returned on social media with a series of posts.

If GME stock reaches $65 per share, the value of Gill’s position could reach $1 billion. It’s worth noting that observed over 78,000 individuals in the waiting room ahead of an event scheduled for 4 PM UTC.

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