Alchemy introduces convenient platform for rollup creation

Alchemy’s introduction of Alchemy Rollups represents a notable step forward in the crypto ecosystem. According to product lead Monica Garde, Alchemy’s offering affords developers the same “battle-tested infrastructure” that powers some of the most trusted networks in decentralized finance (DeFi). Garde mentioned that running a node is not difficult, but doing it reliably and at scale is the challenging part. Alchemy Rollups will initially integrate with Arbitrum Orbit and Optimism Stack frameworks.

Developers have the option to leverage zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs or optimistic systems when building rollup-centric chains. Garde also stated that there are plans to explore ZK frameworks later in the year. L2 ecosystems offer a cheaper option without abandoning security and industry trust, but they still struggle with optimizing shared resources. Furthermore, the introduction of Alchemy Rollups allows developers to customize decentralized solutions for product-market fit and capture value.

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