Kenyan authorities extradite Binance executive to Nigeria

Details regarding the extradition process are expected to be ironed out in the coming days. The EFCC chairman has emphasized the commission’s commitment to addressing distortions and disruptions in the country’s forex market by taking over the prosecution of Binance chiefs. Law enforcement agencies believe that exchange employees may be held responsible for the company’s actions and could become defendants in lawsuits. Conflicting reports emerged as Anjarwalla’s wife denied claims of her husband’s extradition, and law enforcement agencies did not confirm this information.

In February 2024, Nigerian authorities arrested Anjarwalla and another exchange employee, Tigran Gambaryan, the head of the company’s financial crimes department. Nigerian security forces apprehended Anjarwalla in Kenya at the request of the Nigerian Bureau of Interpol, marking a significant development in this case.

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