Gavin Wood of Polkadot Introduces New JAM Chain Graypaper at Token2049

The JAM Chain, explained in the JAM Gray Paper, operates on a permissionless model, enabling anyone to deploy code as a service with a corresponding fee based on the resources utilized. This code can be executed through the procurement and allocation of core-time, which is a resilient and ubiquitous metric of computation similar to the purchase of gas in Ethereum. The JAM Chain is set to deliver smart contract functionality through a decentralized hybrid system within Polkadot.

Developers across various tiers of JAM implementations will be rewarded through a fund. Additionally, builders will have access to a full-scale replica of the chain known as the JAM toaster, designed to aid with debugging and optimization. Gavin Wood, the figure behind Polkadot, mentioned that the Polkadot Fellowship, which oversees Polkadot upgrades, will finalize all necessary tooling and software specifications for running the JAM chain once a proposal is published in the upcoming months.

Furthermore, there are plans for a Polkadot-compatible CoreChains service as part of the JAM ecosystem.

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