Blockchain investigator reveals PrismaFi hacker’s identity, responsible for $11m theft.

Blockchain sleuth ZachXBT recently uncovered the alleged attacker behind the PrismaFi hack. The protocol suffered a loss of $11.1 million worth of crypto as a result.

The attacker had initially communicated with the Prisma deployer, claiming the attack was a whitehat initiative. Further investigation revealed connections to previous exploits, including the Arcade_xyz exploit from March 2023 and the Pine Protocol exploit from February of the same year.

The exploiter, known as 0x77 on Telegram, maintained activity and was found to have ties to the deployer of @modulusprotocol, strengthening the link between each incident. The investigator also disclosed that a personal information analysis was conducted on the exploiter, yielding phone numbers and emails, indicating a proficient technical background.

This information has been forwarded to the Prisma team, who are taking legal action against the hacker in Vietnam and Australia. ZachXBT concluded by announcing that all the gathered personal data has been handed over to the Prisma team to pursue legal action against the hacker in Vietnam and Australia.

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